Database and Application Management

Although we are unable to show you examples of our databases due to secure and personal information, Advanced Engineering Interactive Media has created databases that stores and updates customer and client information dynamically. Some of our examples are MyTO on the Team Octane website which contains vehicle information for each of the club team members. They have their own username and password and can go in to update vehicle information and pictures without any administrator interference. Another example is the Car Show Application on the website. Participants pre-register online or the day of the car show and all their information is stored in a secure database run locally on a server and can be used to contact participants for future shows, judge their vehicles day of show, and print dash cards, right from the location of the show. Discontinued programs and applications include the Artist Database on the Music Central Productions website which is similar to the MyTO application. Artists can go in and add music to their page and update their information without any administrator interference. And our discontinued MyAE-IM Client Control Panel which was complete with a billing system and customer notification area.

If you would like more information on each of our databases, please feel free to contact us today and ask any questions that you may have.