Electronic Ticketing System (ETS)

Advanced Engineering Interactive Media has developed an Electronic Ticketing System for entire venues and single events. The benefits of such a system are re-usable tickets, a print-out of daily sales, as well as a finance system for final revenue totals. We offer highly competitive pricing and full on-site support for all events. The ETS is equipped with two Symbol Mobile Handheld Computers and each ticket number has a unique barcode associated with it. Multiple tickets can be sold for multiple events under one complete system! Call or e-mail us for more details today!


"What a difference having the electronic ticketing service. It was so easy to use and really made ticket sales an easy process. When it came time for the event there was never a line and the students entered the event quickly, without any wait. The service we received was awesome. We will use them again."

- Lee Beattie, Streamwood High School

"I believe overall the system worked very effectively. To my knowledge there wasn't any issues with adding kids to the database or checking kids in at the event. Nice job."

- Brian Moran, Streamwood High School